Immigration Minister Peter Dutton this week taken aim at Australian Boomer Thon Maker’s on-court behaviour as an example of the growing African gang violence, all-the-while keeping alive his dream of a renewed White Australia policy.
Sharing an image of what could be perceived as an extremely poorly executed fly kick by Thon Maker, a Australian player with African heritage, Mr Dutton believes it’s the proof in the pudding, that if people have skin that isn’t the colour of condensed milk, they are dangerous. Furthermore, if there’s more than one of them within a number of square metres, they are part of a violent gang.
Maker, was clearly terrified in an ugly exchange with the Phillipines national basketball team when he was seen desperately trying to disperse the angry opponents, He’d just been struck in the back of his head, when he performed the unidentified manoeuvre into thin air.
This unrest came after his team mate, Daniel Kickert – a condensed milk player and therefore not a violent gang member – attacked a Phillipines opponent with a flush elbow to the face.
“Clearly no one is safe” tweeted Mr Dutton. “These African gangs must be dealt with. They’re infiltrating our sporting teams and making it unsafe for the non-gang players who just want to elbow people in the face”.
We reached out to other aspiring athletes who arrived in Australia in search of peace, but they’ve been sent away and locked up somewhere out of sight and unreachable. An eerily similar situation to what caused all that hoo-ha back in the 40’s.


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