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On a lazy Sunday morning back in 2014, Dennis Rutland got up off the couch where he was watching some figure skating at the Sochi Winter Olympics, went into the kitchen and noticed the soft buzz of fruit flies in the corner of his eye.

“Shit,” he thought to himself.

“Those bananas are on the way out, I’ll freeze them and make banana bread at a later date.”

The past four years have seen many changes in the world – from reality TV stars becoming presidents to the end of the QLD Maroons dynasty.

Those five bananas in Dennis’ fridge have bared witness to all of them.

This morning, in a brief conversation with our reporter down the Gumnut Cafe on George Road, the 29-year-old city worker said he was reminded of the banana’s presence when he went to defrost some chicken last night.

“It made me think,” he said while eating a slice of banana bread.

“Those bananas have been in my freezer for ages. Four years if I remember correctly. Can I still make some b-bread with them – or have they gone off?”

“If you or any of your readers know, can you please tell them to get in touch? In this day and age of minimising waste, I’d hate to throw out some perfectly good produce, you know?”

When asked if he intended to stop lying to the bananas and just turn them into bread, Dennis said he’d consider it this weekend – providing he gets the green light as to their quality.

More to come.


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