A hump day treat of some high-carb South Asian cuisine has today really hit the spot for Lake Betoota-based bank teller, Clara Valance (25).

After a big morning that started with a group fitness class, before half an hour of screen time before her shower, and a 45-minute commute to work, the idea of a cheeky Thai has obviously been on her mind since she actively decided against packing anything for lunch at 7:45am.

Now sitting at the back end of the meal, with another spring roll to go, she’s more than content with her decision.

It wasn’t necessarily the sweet garlic sauce that did it for her, or the extremely naughty can of coke she tacked on to the order.

It was the dining experience, which for a solo patron, almost deserves a five star rating.

With just her in the restaurant, the dulcet tones of a Thai language pop band is more than enough company – and perfectly compliments the $12 Pad Kee Mow.

Their gentle rendition of Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’ that is echoing through the restaurant’s hidden surround sound system is just what Clara needed on this half hour break to herself.

“I can’t really understand what they are singing, but at the same time, I kinda can, because I know the original so well” she says.

“I wonder if the lyrics rhyme in their language too?”

The band’s ability to evade copyright by covering the song with completely different instruments and a slight key change is also quite impressive.

“Maybe this version’s not even about Fireworks” she says.

“Maybe it’s about a girl who hooks up with her hot boss at the French Quarter Rural Bank and then he leaves his wife for her and then they have heaps of kids and move to the Gold Coast”

“That would be so weirddd”



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