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As the nation watches the NSW Government implode for the second time in a matter of months, Australians have been able to breathe a sigh of relief as this type of rampant corruption doesn’t happen on a federal level.

“I guess we’re the lucky country,” said one man on the street today outside The Advocate’s Daroo Street newsroom.

“In that we have a real solid group of federal politicians who never abuse their power for financial or personal gain. There’s no social climbers in federal politics. There’s no corruption in the House of Representitives or the Senate,”

“We’re just lucky. But on a state-level, this country might as well be Papua New Guinea. Money talks and money walks. Just look at what’s going on in New South Wales and Victoria. We got rid of our corruption in Queensland with Joh.”

That man’s sentiments were echoed by the nice lady our reporter spoke to in Victoria, who was on the other end of the random number our reporter dialled.

“Oh yes,” she said.

“Albo and ScoMo epitomise what it means to be true, right and honourable. Especially ScoMo. But we should probably storm our state parliament and burn it to the ground with all those fat cats in it,”

“Every state parliament should be dissolved and all those elected officials and their staff be put on trial,”

“Just my opinion. We’ve had it rough down here in Victoria.”

More to come.


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