Local concrete cutter, Don Snebbes has today hit a date with the missus for six.

As a keen swimmer and surfer, the 33-year-old spends a fair bit of time at the beach by himself.

His wife, Zali, says she never thought much of his hobbies until this afternoon’s trip to his ‘secret beach’ for sundowners on their bi-monthly date night.

After the 40 minute drive and a bit of bush bashing, Zali is once again beginning to question if her idea of a date is the same as her husband’s.

The cute coastal bush bashing is now starting to look a bit more like Kokoda Track fundraiser.

Don, still burdened by his shocking decision to take Zali on a date the movies to see John Travolta’s ‘GOTTI’ in September 2018 – is also beginning to question his idea of romance.

With his mini esky full of seltzers banging against every scratchy tree they walk past, the fact that both husband and wife are stating to break a sweat is not a good start to the evening.

As a mosquito bites Zali’s jugular, she does her best to put on a non-flustered face and starts wondering how well thought-out this all was.

Don checks his watch, if he misses the sunset on this poorly planned date night, then he may as well jump on the sleeper train to Casino and assume a new identity working in the feedlots.

The pressure is building and Don is starting to chafe, his dirt track is blocked by a half fallen Whistling Pine tree.

On the verge of losing his temper, Don puts a boot through it. There’s a cracking sound, followed by a rush of sea breeze. The secret beach.

It’s pristine beauty sings in the late afternoon light. Their last half hour of distress is immediately a distant memory.

Zali gasps. There’s no one else here.

The big fella grabs a couple cans and parks himself up on the sand.

With a chuffed smile that will remain on his face for the next fortnight, Don is internally cheering at the top of his lungs. He’s nailed it.

He looks over his shoulder at her and sneers.

“Pfft. Told ya”


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