No way!

How weird’s that?

Bit of pub trivia ammo for ya there; most other countries who were invaded actually don’t choose to have a national day of celebration on the day they were invaded by a colonial superpower.

Unlike Australia, plenty of countries that were invaded by powerful nations like England, France, Portugal, and Spain don’t actually celebrate the day those powers landed and took land that wasn’t theirs by force.

Crazy right?

In places like Mexico, Argentina, Fiji and a hundred or so others they actually have a national celebration on the day they gained independence from the colonial rulers.

Even the United States.


South Africa celebrates something called Freedom Day, to commemorate the first election’s post-Aparthied.

It’s almost like they don’t want to glorify or celebrate as a nation the day that symbolises when their first peoples were subject to decades/centuries of atrocities at the hands of their colonial invaders.

Even if they don’t have a genocidal history!

And, get this, it seems like lots of places don’t even make their national day the subject of ‘culture wars’ manufactured by politicians to distract people from the fact they continuously fail the people they are elected to represent.


Maybe they aren’t that attached to the specific day that a bunch of smallpox riddled colonialists landed on foreign shores that weren’t ceded?

Or maybe not.

Who knows.

Anyway, there’s ya fact of the day!


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