Local fly-in-fly-out oil and gas worker Brendan Wilton (52) has today been caught out pulling a sneaky one, as he approaches the halfway mark of his current two-week swing.

After a couple years of intermittently living out of a demountable in Chinchilla, Brendo was surprised to see a friend request from an apparently local chick, who he had never met before.

And she looks like someone he’d remember meeting.

Namely, because she’s one of the hottest chick he’s ever seen.

While Brendo swears he wasn’t looking for a bit of fly-out adultery when he accepted the friend request, it’s kind of an inconvenient thing to pop up on social media, especially after 140 of his Facebook friends feel the need to like this new friendship

After throwing his wife of 30 years of the trail by saying ‘his phone got hacked’ in a separate Facebook status, Brendo is now going about scouring through his entire friends list for any other questionable local harlets he might’ve agreed to network with on the social media platform.

“Kylie Grande!” he says out loud.

“She said she was local too. All she ever did was post ads for fake runners on my Facebook wall”

“Aleesha Jameson. Her too! All she ever did was tag me in photos of cheap sunnies”

With his teenage son now calling him incessantly telling him to stop adding fake hookers on Facebook, Brendo says he won’t be returning to social media until the election is called – in which time he will be leaving some red hot comments on any posts by The Greens.


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