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Last April, Mark Sock was breaking shit up and throwing it into a skip bin. He was studying part time, drinking full time and generally treading water in this disgusting, vile pond that we all call life.

This April, the 31-year-old is far from that.

He’s now on a salary that puts him well into the highest tax bracket and the virile Virgo has the address to prove it.

Sock spoke to The Advocate this afternoon as he hosed his boat down in the driveway of his Betoota Grove Californian bungalow.

On a night like this, he used to feel anxious. How was the government going to impact on his existence this year?

Well, he says, now that he lives in a two-million-dollar home (that the bank still owns) with a polite and homely wife who works long hours as a Diamantina Credit Union branch manager.

“There used to be a time when the Federal Budget used to affect my life,” he said.

“That time is now gone. I’m upper-middle-class now. The change in leader, the budget, whichever part is in power, my life goes on the same as it would anyway,”

“This is the true Australian dream. To be entirely apathetic to the political discourse, to not even know who the Prime Minister is! That’s freedom, my friends! Who gives a shit? I don’t!”

When asked what he thought of the potential tax increases people like him might feel, Mark said he’d worry about it later.

He then asked our reporter to turn the hose off for him and go away.

More to come.


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