A staunch 50-something Liberal voter from deep in a previously safe blue-ribbon seat has today been humbled by this crazy thing called life.

As the stay-at-home-wife of an often interstate business consultant, Judith Belrose has seen her life’s work destroyed by outside pressures completely beyond her control.

“I blame peer pressure and the internet” says Judith, after a shocking discovery of GetUp! paraphernalia under her sons Andrew’s bed, which was brought to her attention by their house maid, Dalisay.

“I thought my son was just like any other 29-year-old who lives with his parents and claims to be working on an app” she says between sobs.

“I knew he was a bit different, but I didn’t think he was messing with this kind of stuff”

“Like, of course, he voted YES. I get it. I viewed that as my fault for playing so much Abba when they were kids”

But what Judith, and Dalisay, found today is heartbreaking for any mum who believes that her cruisey life is purely a result of her third-generation Qantas Club husband’s hard work and positive outlook.

It seems that Judith’s oldest son, Andrew, looks like he is slowly beginning to explore the scientifically-accepted theory that all of this fucked shit happening to the environment might be man-made.

Not only that, it seems that he thinks Tony Abbott might not be very suited to public office.

“I want to know who has been giving him this shit!” she said.

“I even saw a sticker for Stop Adani. What has has happened to my beautiful little boy?”

While Judith vows to be strong and work through this as a fractured family unit, without letting her husband know because he doesn’t have time for this kind of stuff, she says she’s not going to sleep well.

“I’ve heard too many horror stories” she says.

“Look at what happened to Malcolm Turnbull’s son! He just sits there blatantly sledging the Liberal Party on the internet. It must be humiliating for them”

Andrew has since been booked into a Los Angeles based rehabilitation clinic, where he will be living under a complete social media ban and only have access to small Hisense television playing reruns of Sky News Australia After Dark.


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