The NSW Premier’s transformation from Hot Mess Gladys to Emo Gladys is now complete, after Berejiklian officially unveiled a plan to transition away from fossil fuels.

This follows her high profile tantrum last which saw her successfully invoke the Hoobastank Defence in a last ditch effort to save her position as leader of the state’s Liberal Party.

Today, she has taken the emo phase even further, by intentionally defying her conservative family.

The Liberal Party household has been rocked to it’s core today, as Peta Credlin and Prime Minister Morrison – the official mum and dad of Australian conservatism – must now come to terms with their daughter Ms Gladys Berejiklian opting to listen to the urgent warnings from scientists instead of the populist contrarian arguments put forward by gas and coal lobbyists.

The Berejiklian government’s landmark renewable energy bill has passed the NSW upper house after more than 30 hours of continuous debate amid a concerted effort from One Nation to block it.

One Nation leader Mark Latham moved to stunt the legislation by introducing 249 amendments, which forced the upper house to sit for close 30 hours, which is harder than any state senators in NSW have ever had to work.

However, they eventually got it through, enraging the Sky News pundits and Federal Liberals in the process.

The Prime Minister was unavailable to comment on this new energy plan for NSW, with his office stating that he is today too busy responding the a meme that the Chinese Government posted on Twitter after reading into allegations against the Australian SAS.

Some might argue that his half-an-hour turn around on condemning the Chinese has been a strategic political play that takes the spotlight off his darling Gladys defying him and her mother, because it has certainly taken the spotlight off his ability to negotiate trade agreements with China prior to this offensive example of free speech.



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