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With Christmas just around the corner, a local sexagenarian was wondered to himself if getting a ham this early in the year is a bit too gluttonous.

Keith Cobe, of Rainbow Road in Betoota Heights, thought to himself as he shopped in føtex, in our town’s Little Copenhagen district, about getting a pre-Christmas ham just to try out a few recipes on.

“I was thinking of a whiskey, marmelade glaze,” he said.

“But on the day, I might just go with my bog standard pineapple number. Maybe some apple cider. Either way, this ham won’t go to waste. If my family won’t eat it, I will.”

Mr Cobe spoke to our reporter as they both looked at the display hams at føtex.

The cogs were ticking in his head.

“Nah, I better not. It’s a bit piggy, don’t you think? Two hams in December. We aren’t even having that many people over for lunch on the big day.”

Our reporter just told him to get one.

So he did.

More to come.


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