The world we are leaving for our children has been questioned today as Sales Coordinator Amy O’Connell (35) has been forced to participate in her office Secret Santa, despite the fact she is a decent human being.

Since taking up her new corporate job in Betoota’s Old City District two months ago, O’Connell has enjoyed leading a team, meeting sales targets and writing her name on her lunch so the other adults she works with don’t eat it or throw it in the bin.

However, it appears O’Connell’s hard work has been overlooked, as the workplace ‘Head of Culture’ Laura Peterson (32) is forcing O’Connell to participate in the office Secret Santa despite the fact she is a rational and compassionate human with goals, feelings and emotions.

Peer pressured into participating, O’Connell withdrew from the hat the name of a coworker she would have to buy a present for in order to avoid looking like a person who has showed up to work with the sole purpose of completing the tasks they are paid to do.

“Maximum $30!” jeered Peterson, as if she thought O’Connell wasn’t old enough to remember when the going rate was $20.

“It can be thoughtful or it can be a silly one!”

Being a decent human, O’Connell has since put together a shortlist of gift ideas for her Secret Santa recipient, the name of which she has declined to reveal as not to ruin the surprise.

“Ho ho ho,” stated O’Connell who is already preparing herself to be given a Christmas themed apron that will likely of been re-gifted at least three times.


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