The daughter of a prominent St George cattleman has today had a close call – after her old man sent her a strip of cattle hide to plait with her new bohemian friends in Byron.

Ellen Seymour (23) has so far slotted in quite well to a new crowd of open-minded faux-hippie ‘creatives’ living in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales. That was until her friends wanted to ask where her dad would have gotten his hands on several metres of cow skin.

“Where did he get this from?” asks her close friend and lifelong vegan, Shosanna.

“I hope it is vintage. I’d hate to think a cow died for this last week”

Ellen is quick to comfort Shosanna, as well as her other friends Wanda and Pluto, by telling them that’s definitely not the case, but does fail to mention that her family actually do kill cows for a living.

Ellen’s dad, Jamie, says he knows his daughter is doing the whole Byron thing, and a strip of leather was probably the most Byron thing he could do for her.

“Aside from paying her rent off the blood of Angus cattle” he says.

“I’m glad she’s down there meeting interesting people. Her mother was like that, which is why I know it won’t last”

“She’ll meet a nice bloke at a local game of rugby in about six years. He’ll be buying the place of me two years after that”

When pressed by our reporters about her family’s role in both live export and the beef industry, Ellen says her family actually only kill a couple a year for barbecues and other meat-heavy occasions.

“Well they don’t actually kill the most of them,” Ellen says to one of our reporters.

“They farm them. Someone in Indonesia kills them”

“Probably not far from where all the jewellery we are selling at the markets gets made”



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