Tonight is the night that round 1 of the fiercest rivalry in the history of Australian organised sport takes place, with the 2022 State of Origin series kicking off at 8:10pm at Sydney’s Olympic stadium.

With a new Queensland side made up of extremely muscular and handsome young men, answering to their refreshing and exciting new coach Billy Slater, it is clear to everyone North of the Tweed that this is the year we turn it all around.

New South Wales will continue, in vain, to match Queensland’s iconic eight-in-a-row series streak. Which is unlikely to happen anytime soon, because even if they win this year, it will still on be their fourth series win in five years under Brad coach Fittler.

However, despite the fact that Queensland have much more of a ‘winning vibe’ about them, fans from both states know you are only as good as your last match – and the first match is just as important as 2 and 3.

Who will be the winner? Will it be the brash and hyperactive eshays in baby blue, or will it be the humble neckless titans in Maroon.

One Betoota-based NSW fan thinks it’ll be Brad’s boys that get it done.

Fleet Logistics manager at BWGD (Betoota White Goods Disposals), Kraig Adamos (39) says he’s absolutely pumped for tonight.

This is a rather humorous thing to hear come out of the mouth of the resident cockroach, because everyone knows that New South Wales just don’t get Origin.

“Haha I’m so ready to go” says Kraig, who moved to Betoota ten years ago from one of those suburbs in Sydney that has a pub next to the train station.

“I reckon we are on here”

While Kraig has done his best to approach this topic without baiting any Maroon-blooded his colleagues, it seems his attempts at politeness is almost worst than a sledge.

“What?” asks, Tiny (54, accounts).

“Did you just say you are pumped for State Of Origin?”

The whole office breaks into laughter. Kels from HR also throws in her two cents.

“It’s so funny when Blues fans pretend to care about Origin as much as Queenslanders” she says.

Kraig appears confused, Kels continues.

“No one cheers for the Blues mate. Even when we pumped you 8 in a row, no one saw you guys as underdogs. You’re just an assortment of the best players from the Sydney clubs… with about as much of a winning culture as the Sydney clubs.

“Ya just don’t get it”

“New South Wales don’t get Origin”


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