Former Prime Minister Scott Morrison has reminded the nation about his competency levels this week, by revealing he’ll probably be quitting politics this month.

The man who orchestrated the spending of $368 billion on a handful of submarines that won’t arrive in Australian waters for a couple of decades has confirmed he’s lined up a couple of cushy jobs outside of politics.

After showing the world how employable he is over the last couple of years, Morrison has now taken a plum defence job in America and looks set to take another consultancy gig in the UK.

Despite technically still being a politician, Morrison has taken an Advisory board with the Center for a New American Security (CNAS).

He joins Rupert Murdoch’s son James on the board of a body which takes money from trillion dollar arms companies and tells governments they should buy arms off trillion dollar arms companies.

The new job which sees him join the son of Rupert Murdoch weirdly hasn’t been reported in the media very much this week.

On top of that lobbying job which has nothing to do with spending 368 billion dollars worth of tax payer money, Morrison is also in the running for a AUKUS related defence lobbying job in the UK.

It’s rumoured the bloke who was definitely in politics to help the people who voted for him, is waiting for the ink to dry on the contract with the undisclosed company before pulling the plug on parliament.

The move follows a long line of politicians accept interesting post parliament roles; like former Trade Minister Andrew Robb accepting a consultancy gig with the Chinese company he gave the 99 year Port of Darwin lease to, or Former NSW Premier Bob Carr walking out of Macquarie Street and into Macquarie Bank after handing the bank huge slices of infrastructure which made them eye-watering amounts of money.

Morrison refused to speak at length to The Advocate on his new appointments, simply laughing down the line and saying: “Why do you think I wasn’t a fan of a Federal ICAC with retrospective powers.”

No more to come, because that’s the way politics works in this country.


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