Sick of being treated like a 2nd class citizen by your landlord? Tired of your building’s overzealous strata committee harassing you in the lobby for picking up your deliveries?

‘No food deliveries allowed!’ they’ll scream as you collect your UberEats. ‘No deliveries left in the lobby!’ they’ll shout while throwing yours and other tenants’ packages out onto the street like a dog.

Why is it that landlords on strata committees think their responsibilities are to turn your place of residence into a quasi-police state where the inhabitants are treated like prisoners? 

Don’t they understand their responsibilities are to make residents’ lives easier? They should be fixing the broken elevator or getting those key fobs working again. Hell, how long has the pool been out of action? At least a year! You’re paying rent for all these broken things, you know that right? 

But no, these people are more concerned with creating outrageous laws like ‘no food deliveries allowed’ or ‘no guests after 10pm’ or ‘no looking strata committee members in the eye’.

So annoying. You and your neighbours may not own the apartments you live in but you’re still human beings. You deserve better. 

It’s time you got mad and annoyed them back. Here’s what you do:

CLOG THE DRAINS: They are responsible for fixing plumbing issues. So get as many tenants together as you can to start clogging up those pipes. Then write a letter with a petition signed by all the tenants and send it to off to them demanding it be fixed IMMEDIATELY. And use CAPSLOCK for that word. Yea, that’ll annoy them. 

COURT PROCEEDINGS: You know you can take them to the Betootian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (BCAT)? It’s dirt cheap too. After a few months of sending letters of demand to annoy them about fixing all the problems you created, take them to BCAT. 

They’ll be so annoyed. They’ll have to sit with you through mediation and go through all sorts of annoying court processes. And not to mention pay to fix all the building’s defects!

It might sound like work but it’s actually fun and a great way to meet your neighbours. So go on, annoy your landlord and strata committee today by treating them as badly as they treat you.


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