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A Betoota Ponds woman has this week been spotted turning a bright shade of red, after her boyfriend uttered the most romantic sequence of words she’s ever heard in her life. 

This event is said to have taken place at a friends barbecue over the weekend, which saw a group of their closest friends enjoying an afternoon of beverages and smoked meat, and swapping stories from their youth (despite still all being in their twenties).

Rifling through the esky to grab herself a drink, Sarah Byrne [25] had heard the words ‘SAR!’,ring through the back patio, prompting her to turn around to see her boyfriend James, enthusiastically pointing towards the esky and mouthing ‘can you get me a drink?’

“WHAT DO YOU WANT!?”, yelled Sarah.

“WOODY AND COLA”, James responded… over enunciating the words so she could lip read.



Abandoning her quest for the last vodka soda, which she hadn’t been enjoying anyway, Sarah had picked up two cans of Woodstock and proceeded to hand one to James, when his fingers had lovingly wrapped around hers and he’d muttered something that was truly something straight out of a Suburban Romeo and Juliet.

“Thanks babe.”

“You’re the Cola to my Woodstock.”

More to come.


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