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A groundbreaking case has been brought forward in regards to working conditions for a kitchen appliance this week. 

Beville Toastmax, a 3 year old Toasted sandwich maker recently reached out to the builders union for help in regards to securing a safe work environment for itself. 

“When I was hired, I was told I’d be toasting sandwiches. Only about a month into my stay I’d been used for all sorts of things. One guy actually brought in last night’s chips and used me to reheat them,” a clearly worn down Beville explained to us. 

Lenny Croydon of the bricklayers union was very welcoming of the questions Breville had for him, even if he did swiftly close the union’s lunchroom door before leading Beville to the conference room.

“I’m always open to helping anyone chase the conditions they deserve, personally I felt a bit ashamed, I’ve reheated pizza in a toasted sandwich maker before,” said Mr Croydon

Problem is a situation like this where there has been no precedent set in the past, one has to be established.

There will always be a fear of opening the floodgates to a whole new line of appliances complaining. What’s next, the kettle is going to object to making cuppa soup?. 

The Betoota Advocate lunchroom toastie maker has also seen all sorts, with allegations one Friday we forgot gas for the barbecue so we cooked steaks on it.

It’s believed that if Beville has success, we could also be forced to end “does it toast Tuesdays.”

More to come.


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