Respected Northern Beaches Elder Tony Abbott has today decided it is time to educate the allies, after stumbling across what he describes as a ‘wonderful thing’ while door-knocking in Dee Why, deep within his electorate’s Tongan Quarter.

The former Prime Minister appeared incredibly infatuated by the stock standard suburban initiative, known as a ‘street library’ – where residents can share books freely.

“It’s amazing the things you see and learn while door-knocking,” Mr Abbott said.

“I’ve never seen anything like this before, the Tango Avenue street library. And I want to say what a wonderful thing for the residents to be doing.”

Thrilled by the concept of a free communal book exchange for passersby, the former PM has since taken it upon himself to sneak a bit of his own reccomendations in there.

Namely, the Black Panther Party Manifesto, the Autobiography of Huey P Newton and of course the story of Malcolm X.

“It’s time to turn the allies into accomplices” he said, while sliding in another weather beaten book of teachings that ‘you don’t get to read in school’.

After a lifetime of disempowerment and oppression at the hands of his more moderate Liberal Party colleagues, Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has today vowed to protect his brothers and sisters by any means necessary.

This comes after the newly-appointed Special Envoy to Indigenous Affairs found himself entwined in the writing of iconic black American nationalist, Malcolm X.

It is believed after dabbling with the work of James Baldwin, as well as an array of African-American writers closely aligned with the Harlem Renaissance, Uncle Tony got his hands on the Autobiography Of Malcolm X, and has in turn radically changed his approach to politics.

Liberal Party insiders say that the Member For Warringah has begun drawing direct correlations between the plight of black and Native Americans, and his own mob.

“A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.” said the newly appointed Special Envoy to Indigenous Affairs.

“We didn’t land on Botany Bay, Botany Bay landed on us!”


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