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A local man who doesn’t have a PhD is counting his blessings today as he stands outside a primary school handing out Labor vote cards.

Kyle Vanguard (21) is studying a measly arts degree, the outcome of which will likely mean he won’t make enough money to live in Sydney and will have to leave.

The Advocate stood with Kyle as he jovially handed out pamphlets to disgruntled voters to see just why he had such a spring in his step while doing possibly the shittest job in the campaign.

“I’m just grateful to have a job in Sydney!”

“There are much smarter Asians out there, they all have PhDs, I can’t compete with that”

“I realise this is a volunteer job, so it wouldn’t be that attractive to someone with a PhD, but I am still very lucky to have this job”

“Mr. Daley said none of my generation would get a job in Sydney at all, because of the Asians, so yeah, I’m pretty happy with this.”

Kyle is referring to comments made by the NSW Labor leader back in September 2018 while at a politics-in-the-pub session in Wentworth Falls.

He’s on record saying “Our children will flee and who are they being replaced with?… Young people from typically Asia with PhDs.”

While Mr. Daley has apologised repeatedly for his controversial comments, at least one positive that has come out is that millennials like Kyle are grateful for the jobs that they can still get.

More to come.


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