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A frustrating reality of her own making has dawned on Gladys this afternoon after only half of the people who she thought she could count on for votes actually showed up at the polling booths.

It’s believed the would-be Gladys voters had every intention of voting in the fun-killer, however they didn’t even get close to the booths due to heavy traffic caused by the longest running infrastructure project in NSW history – the Sydney Light-Rail.

The Advocate managed to idle up next to some disgruntled Libs while they were still stuck in traffic on Alison Road in Randwick.

“She sure is testing our loyalty” said a baby boomer with multiple investment properties and zero interest in live music.

“But, if I get there, I’ll still vote for her”

“How could we have possibly moved so little way in so much time?”

“Something has to be done about this!” the outraged Boomer finished, still with every intention of voting for Gladys.

With the election results not far away, The Advocate data analysts predict just a matter of hours until property developers start sidling up to their new gatekeepers.

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