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The Prime Minister has told himself no this afternoon and exercised a bit of old fashioned self-control by not allowing himself to peruse the latest selections at an old local menswear retailer.

Anthony Albanese was visiting Marrickville Metro today to officially unveil a new portrait of his young self in the second-floor disabled toilet when a few of the mid-month specials at Tarocash caught his attention.

“Wow, does that say 100% rayon?” the PM thought to himself.

“I do need a new suit, I need to get my wedding suit. Maybe I should have a quick look over there, for old time’s sake. For a laugh. I’m thin enough now that a three-piece won’t look silly. I could see if they’re doing any good deals on belts and shoes. I’d get the good ones, not the ones made out of old Bangladeshi bicycles tyres. Gosh, they even have a tan-coloured two piece with pinstripes. Printed paisley ties. I still have a few pairs of bootcut suit pants from there. They’re the perfect length, about two inches too long so I’ve trodden the heel out of the end. A bit scollop out of the rayon. So all you can see is the very tip of my brown chisel-toe loafers poking out from under the end of the pant leg, like Toto’s nose poking out from under the curtain when she’s hiding,”

“No, that’s the old Albo. I go to Peter Jackson now.”

More to come.


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