Shadow treasurer Angus Taylor is today delivering his Post-Budget Reply Address at the National Press Club in Canberra.

The 57-year-old Liberal MP for the affluent regional seat of Hume, south-west of Sydney, has taken to the stage today to skewer the Albanese Government’s 3rd Federal Budget.

This is a difficult task, given the fact that Taylor’s in-government Opponent Jim Chalmers hasn’t really announced anything that will remotely affect the lives of the Liberal Party base. And all of the poor people that will likely decide the next election are far less important than the anxious billionaires who live in fear of paying their fair share of tax.

Throughout the address, Taylor has made efforts expand on the Coalition’s plan to address cost of living and the housing crisis without changing any of the tax loopholes that have led to catastrophic generational wealth hoarding amongst the upper middle class Baby Boomers once known as the ‘Howard Battlers’.

Liberal Party powerbrokers say that the National Press Club address could be a moment for Angus Taylor to prove himself, and shake off all of the controversies that have plagued his political career thus far.

From being embroiled in quite obvious corruption surrounding water buybacks, to being linked to offshore accounts in tax havens, or misleading parliament over illegal land clearing allegations, or misleading parliament over doctored carbon emissions, or accidentally using his public Facebook account instead of his burner account to congratulate himself on social media for allegedly having a carpark built in his electorate, or allegedly forging a City of Sydney council document to fit his own narrative that the Lord Mayor had misspent millions of dollars.

Taylor now has a chance to prove himself as the politician that Scott Morrison actively prevented him from being out of fear of a leadership spill.

As the next cab of the rank when it comes to replacing Peter Dutton as leader of the Liberal Party, Taylor is taking today’s address very seriously.

“Country need more money” he announces to a polite applause from the sea of white haired Liberal party heavyweights in the room.

“if money run out country need more money”

“Country need stop spend money. No pay nurses. No pay policing man. That make more money”

The crowd is cheering. This could very well be the next Liberal Prime Minister Of Australia.


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