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Betoota Plains woman Leslie Mathieson has issued a stern warning to her niece this week, warning her that she might just be a little bit too picky when it comes to choosing a suitor.

The 56 year old hospital administrator is alleged to have come to this conclusion after discovering that her niece Emma had been single for a whopping ten months, which of course must mean that her standards are way too high!

Overhearing Emma lamenting to her friends about a recent bad date she’d had, Leslie thought she’d impart some pearls of wisdom by delivering some unsolicited advice.

“You’re just too fussy”, Leslie is reported to have said, tactfully forgetting that her husband still doesn’t know you should wipe until it’s white, “you’re not going to get everything you want in a partner.”

“Just pick someone.”

Unsurprisingly, as someone who watched the women in her family take on the brunt of emotional and psychological labour when it came to raising kids, Emma shoots back that it’s not like she’s looking for 6’5, trust fund man in finance, but more so someone she’s attracted to, enjoys spending time with, and knows how to communicate.

“Oh you’re still expecting too much”, dismisses Leslie, rolling her eyes, “just find someone nice.”

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