The nation’s busiest man has today provided some rock-solid evidence that he does in fact live up to the title.

Former Prime Minister Scott Morrison has handed over some images to the media detailing what his day looked like as Minister for everything.

The images show Morrison sitting at his Prime Ministerial Desk with about 45,000 pages of notes, briefings, and reports sitting around him.

The thousands and thousands of pages of documents were reportedly a daily feature of Side Hustle Scotty’s role as Minister for Finance, Treasury, Resources, Home affairs, Sound and so on.

“I used to read em all too,” said Morrison, offering up the interesting claim.

“That’s why I secretly made myself the minister of all of those departments.”

“It’s nothing to do with trying to accumulate as much power as possible behind closed doors, it was simply so I could across everything to help the nation.”

It’s believed the reading of a small library’s worth of material every day was part of the reason he wasn’t able to do things like order jabs or RATS as part of his role as secret Health Minister.

“Who is laughing now at my secret power grab hey?” he said, finishing the interview.


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