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A woman who recently moved closer to the CBD has found herself struggling to find a bulk bill doctor within 45 mins from her home, which never used to be such a problem when she lived in the suburbs (several years ago).

Speaking to The Advocate, Lena Atwood [27] says she swears there are far fewer bulk billing doctors then there used to be, and that she’s fairly certain they’ve just disappeared completely in all of the metropolitan areas. 

“There used to be more clinics, what’s going on?” says Lena, “I’ve got multiple prescriptions, skin dramas and hormonal shit going on, I reckon I’m at the doctors at least once a month.”

“Not to mention having to see specialists, which cost hundreds of dollars for ten minutes of their time.”

“Would have liked to have seen a psychiatrist as I’m pretty sure I have ADHD, but I can’t afford that shit.”

Preferring to use Hot Doc as she’s a standard millennial who hates picking up the phone, Lena says she tries to book bulk billing doctors in advance, because most of the spots are taken for two weeks straight.

“I always forget my bloody prescription, which is my fault, but it’s quite eye watering having to do a telehealth appointment at a private clinic.”

“Ends up costing 70 bucks for three minutes.”

Though she does get some of it back on Medicare, Lena says the costs still add up over time, but that she’s aware the dwindling amount of bulk billing clinics isn’t the doctor’s fault.

“I’ve heard of some bulk billing places being forced to go private, due to a lack of Medicare funding.”

“So even if the Telehealth appointments hurt, I understand that doctors are under the pump.”

“Sucks for my wallet though haha.”

More to come.


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