NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet has finally responded to questions about an interesting job appointment for an ex-politician.

Questions have been raised about the former NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro being given a $500,000 a year trade US trade role, with other well-qualified applicants being overlooked.

The trade role was created by Barilaro himself in 2020, during his time as Deputy Premier and Trade Minister for the state.

Three exceptional candidates were overlooked for the role, with Barilaro being given the nod for the typical ex-politician style role.

However, the current Premier has now hosed down allegations of ‘jobs for the mates’ by saying that he actually fucking hates the bloke.

“Mate? I reckon Barra’s a fuckwit,” said Perrottet to The Advocate today.

“Always have.”

“He’s the kinda guy who yells taxi when someone knocks over a drink.”

“If I was chasing Barra up in the territory, one of the last blokes I’d wanna be chasing em with is the man known as Barra himself.”

“So, let me be clear, I haven’t sorted out a job for a mate.”

Perrottet then moved to clarify his position.

“Jobs for the boys, well that’s a different inference. And if by that you mean current politicians hooking up ex-politicians with cushy plum jobs that ordinary people can only dream off, well then that’s a separate conversation.”

“And I’m not talking about that, well let this new inquiry run its course.”

He then revealed an inquiry will now be held into the appointment of John Barilaro in the role, with questions asked about why seemingly more suitable applicants weren’t given the nod.

More to come.


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