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The National Party have issued a further statement on the Andrew Broad ‘Sugar Baby’ scandal this morning.

Broad (who is married) is currently in hot water after allegedly meeting up with women while on work trips, including a ‘Sugar Baby’ in Hong Kong.

The farmer from Mallee allegedly text the woman saying he knew ‘how to fuck his woman’ and constantly referred to himself as James Bond during dinner conversation.

Speaking to reporters earlier this morning the leader of the National Party Michael McCormack explained that the Andrew Broad issue is currently a private family matter.

However, the leader of the party that campaigned against the legalisation of same-sex marriage on the basis that it would undermine traditional family values explained that Broad’s extra-marital activities are not a matter for public scrutiny.

“Andrew’s current situation is a matter for him and his family and his privacy should be respected,” said McCormack who reportedly knew of Broads activity nearly a month ago.

“What people do in their private time is not a matter for public debate, unless they are same-sex attracted couples who want to get married.”

“So in the spirit of good will, I would ask you to leave the man who has lectured people about traditional family values in the past to conduct extra-marital relations in private away from the public eye.”

Broad declined to comment on the story this morning simply saying he would ‘die another day.’



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