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A local man has caused headaches for all of his friends today.

The late 20-something-man named Ben Thomspon has done so by deciding to propose to his long-term girlfriend.

His proposal this afternoon to his soon-to-be wife has caused tremors amongst his friendship group.

The tremors stem from the fact that Thompson’s actions have now put all of his friends and their girlfriends on notice.

“What the fuck did he have to go and do that for,” said one member of the group chat to us this afternoon.

The 28-year-old friend who placated his girlfriend of 4 years with a dog earlier this year explained that Thompson’s actions have far reaching effects.

“Obviously I’m sort of happy for him.”

“They are a great couple and are made for each other.”

“But he’s fucked the rest of his by proposing.”

The local commitmentphobe explained that by asking the love of his life to marry him, Thompson has inadvertently caused unwanted probing questions and increasing pressure to be piled upon the other members of the group.

“The smile my girlfriend gave me when I told her said it all,” said the friend.

“My days are numbered unless I decide to take a knee and ask her as soon I think.”





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