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In some breaking news out of Sydney, Academy Award-winning actor Geoffrey Rush has revealed to The Advocate that he is contemplating pulling ‘a spacey.’

Rush told us of the drastic move after more allegations of inappropriate conduct were levelled at him.

The allegations come from ‘Orange Is The New Black’ star Yael Stone, who made explosive claims that Rush exposed himself to her backstage, sent her sexually suggestive text messages, and attempted to spy on her while she was showering.

The events happened in 2010 and 2011 during the play Diary of a Madman, and Stone says she is speaking publicly on the matter to help compel change in the entertainment industry.

Rush has denied the allegations, but told us that despite his denial it might be time to pull ‘a spacey.’

According to the American Law Society, The Spacey Defence is defined as: Publicly proclaiming that you’re gay when you get called out for committing inappropriate and/or criminal behaviour. 

The theatre and film veteran explained that if things start to get sour he might be pulling The Spacey Defence in an attempt to distract and absolve himself a little.

“Obviously with this defamation stuff about to be decided, and now this fresh set of allegations regarding behaviour that I may or may not have done that will tarnish my name, I think it’s time to come out as gay,” said the Thespian icon.

“Hopefully it will make all this go away.”

More to come.




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