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Productivity has plummeted even further at a firm in the Old City District today thanks to a run of the mill afternoon shower.

Despite the fact that pretty much everyone has stopped turning up to work, Celia Ho unfortunately still has a couple of meetings and jobs she needs to finish before the Christmas break.

The Accounts Manager at a firm in the city explained that her progress on some painful brief ground to a sudden halt moments ago as an early afternoon shower set in.

While her work doesn’t require her to be in the outdoors, the rain has successfully brought the internet in the office to a standstill.

Sitting at her desk, Ho told us that despite the fact she lives in a first world country with relatively good infrastructure, her work is constantly affected by the appalling quality of the internet.

“I can’t even compare it to some Eastern European country, because their internet is most likely better than ours,” Ho said.

“I just tried to google a question and I can’t even load the landing page.”

“All it takes is an afternoon downpour for the internet to be crippled. It’s frailer than a Tuesday morning post-Splendour attendee.”

Ho explained that she has probably had enough.

“I’m not fucking hot-spotting, because I’ve gone over my data for the 10th time this year.”

“I think I might go home.”






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