The National Party is once again proving themselves to be the saviours of rural Australia, by destroying yet another Coalition Government from the inside.

As of this morning, the NSW Government is on the brink of collapse – after yet another high-ranking Liberal MP resigns from cabinet before the anti-corruption watchdog could even sink the teeth into whatever the fuck is going on.

This comes just months after the Morrison Government was hit for six at the 2022 Federal Election, with the Liberals losing 6 blue-ribbon seats to Independent candidates who had campaigned almost solely against the influence Barnaby Joyce had over the policymaking decisions.

6 months before that, yet another NSW Government was blown up over investigations into this misconduct of former Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s ex lover, the degenerate member for Wagga, Daryl Maguire MP.

Today, NSW Trade Minister Stuart Ayres has suddenly moved himself to the backbench and away from any responsibilities after an inquiry “raised concerns” about his conduct in the suspicious appointment of former Deputy Premier and Nationals leader John Barilaro to an unnecessary US trade role.

Ayres’ conduct in the recruitment process of Barilaro to the New York-based golden parachute position has come under intense scrutiny, as it appears that he had not only helped get him the role, but has also misled Parliament when questions arose as to how a window-frame manufacturer from Queanbeyan landed the job over the previous candidate – a much more competent woman with the exact experience required for the posting.

Dominic Perrottet said a review raised “clear questions” about whether his Deputy leader Mr Ayres breached ministerial standards, and has tofsy revealed that Mr Ayres had offered his resignation, but that he continues to deny any wrongdoing.

Rural Australians are today cheering in glee, as they want their noble elected officials blow-up yet another city-centric neoliberal government that they are supposed to be working in coalition with.

While it is not certain whether the Nats are intentionally destroying these governments, the fact that it has happened over 5 times since the Turnbull Government suggests a greater conspiracy at play – with political analysts now seriously questioning whether the National Party is secretly operating as a double agent who is actually in a coalition with the Labor Party.


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