The Coalition Government’s Nightwatchman has reversed a funding cut to one of Australia’s largest hunger-relief organisations, after ‘listening to the community’.

While making bizarre media appearance on the day time variety program Studio 10 on Monday morning, Mr Morrison said the government had maintained the level of funding for food support services, but that it was now being distributed among three charities – he has since changed his tune.

“I’ve decided that I will not allow people to starve to death under my watch” said Morrison this morning.

“I’ve been told it’s a bad look”

“That was a close one haha”

Foodbank, which supplies essential food products such as rice, bread and vegetables to hungry people, has had its annual funding reduced from $750,000 to $427,000 – with news of the cut coming just weeks before Christmas.

The National Farmers’ Federation, the community sector and Labor yesterday slammed the Government’s plans to slash Foodbank’s funding in half from January.

Yesterday, Morrison defended proposed funding cuts the charity that feeds 710,000 Australians a month, but said he is open to a review of the decision.

He has since changed his stance, after community backlash from voters and different organisations who were of the opinion that letting people starve to death is kinda mean.


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