In a shocking turn of events, Clive Palmer has revealed to the nation that he is a shameless two-faced liar.

The genuinely unbelievable revelation from the man who has a history of not paying his workers, comes after the United Australia Party revealed it would be preferencing the Liberal and National Party in marginal electorates.

This follows 12 months of horrendous billboards being plastered across the nation telling us that ‘We can never ever trust the Liberals, Labor or Greens again.’

However, with the election around the corner, it seems like Clive Palmer has completely changed his tune on the pro-employer, pro-mining, pro-tax-avoidance party.

In key marginal seats like, the UAP is asking it’s voters to preference the Liberal Party immediately after themselves, in what looks like a backroom deal between the two parties.

While normally confined to things like exploiting the nation’s resources for gross personal gain, the backroom deals have now moved to ensuring that the Liberal Party benefits from the 100 million dollar campaign war chest of Clive Palmer.

It’s believed Clive and Government are hoping to replicate the success of the 2019 election where votes were funneled away from the Labor.

While the move will undoubtedly benefit the pro-mining government, the deal will have less sway than in the past when it comes to the senate, as preferences don’t automatically flow from parties – with individual voters now in charge of where their preferences go.

More to come.

Want to know more about how preferences work? Have a listen to our explainer with election expert Antony Green here:


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