NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet has today doubled down on his war against Sydney’s powerful pokie machine families, after briefly stumbling into the face of a dirt file campaign launched against him last week.

While attempting to move on from the ‘Nazi costume’ scandal that was unearthed by faceless enemies last week, the embattled NSW Premier appears certain that his disgraceful 21st costume is about all they’ll be able to land on him.

Factional rivals within the Liberal Party and lobbyists representing the villainous gambling lobby have been working tirelessly to remove Dominic Perrottet as premier ever since he first announced plans to regulate poker machines – which he described as a ‘tax of human misery’.

Joining the pile-on against the Premier including waves of conservative shock jocks and columnists and former politicians, whose entire media platforms depend on the cashflow provided by major pub and club groups, who in turn rely on the addictions that force vulnerable Australians to put their entire pay cheques into these awful computers each week.

Perrottet has not taken a step back in the face of the cancel culture campaign, today firing shots back at former NSW Labor premier Bob Carr, flat out blaming him for the proliferation of poker machines across Sydney while vowing to push his cashless gaming reform through cabinet before the looming election.

Perrottet said that Carr was responsible for putting a poker machine “on every street corner” of Sydney during his decade as premier.

In an even more bizarre turn of events, it seems the lefty live music scene is throwing their support behind Perrottet and his party, who they believe is the only man with the stones to salvage Sydney’s pub rock industry.

Left-wing Newtown rock icons, The Whitlams, who are literally named after a former Labor Prime Minister, have reluctantly allowed the NSW Liberal Party the rights to their iconic number 1 song ‘Blow Up The Pokies’ in all campaign material.

The song, which dissects the destruction of both working families and culture at the hands of evil gambling magnates who have engineered pokie machines to trigger the same chemical responses in the brains of addicts as class A drugs, is now being referenced in Liberal party campaign TV ads, billboards, and pamphlets right across the state.

“Hehe. I’ve always said theres no aphrodisiac like taking on the top end of town” said Perrottet, appearing to misquote the song and betray his entire membership base at the same time.

“Vote Liberal to blow up the pokies and drag them away”


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