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Sitting alone in his apartment as he ploughs through his favourite bachelor meal (eggs on toast) local bloke Mitch Hewson [32] begins to formulate a plan in his mind – operation distraction.

Just two weeks ago, Mitch had been hit with the ‘we need to talk’, from his girlfriend of four years, who’d admitted she just wasn’t feeling it anymore. And though he had been aware of some distance in the relationship for the past few months, he’d simply chalked it up to them progressing into a more comfortable relationship.

So fair to say, he’d been hit pretty hard by the bad news. Especially seeing as they’d been practically attached to the hip, which has now resulted in him suddenly having a lot of time on his hands.

Hence why he’s now put some feelers out to his mates, to see if they’d be keen on going on for an adventure some time…

“Hey guys, would anyone be keen to start a Dungeons and Dragons crew?”

“I’m happy to be the dungeon master, unless you’re keen Taron.”

“I’ve only ever done a one shot before.”

Nervously chewing on his nails as he awaits responses from the 15 people he spontaneously added to the chat, Mitch’s worries of being rejected are quickly quashed, as literally every single person replies.

“FUCK YEAH I’ve always wanted to play!”

“I’ve got Warhammer Wednesdays but could do Thursdays?”

“Are we starting level one?”

“I’ll be a paladin.”

“Sorcerer, because, Fireball lol.”

“Can someone please be a cleric, we need a healer.”

More to come.


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