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Two former Prime Ministers have spent some time exchanging a few battle stories and having a laugh this past weekend.

In a sign of how scared the Labor party are that Bill Bradbury Shorten could fuck this up, senior figures successfully convinced Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard to present a united front this weekend, smile for the cameras and endorse the aspiring Prime Minister.

However, while the two figures are the political embodiment of Darius Boyd and making a one on one tackle, the mortal enemies decided to bury the hatchet that Bill Shorten had help bury into each of their backs with a few laughs.

Taking a moment before the official proceedings kicked off, the two former PM’s who actually had some charisma and ideals reportedly lifted the rear of their shirts too show off the huge scars from when they stabbed each other in the back.

“[Haha] Kevin, Bill Brutus Shorten really didn’t miss with that second one did he,” laughed Gillard and motioning to the second, larger, scar.

“Yeah, yours has healed up alright,” replied Rudd.

“Maybe the fact that you actually walked away from politics gracefully, continued trying to make a positive impact on things that you believe in and didn’t let your ego drive you to constantly undermine anyone still in the party like most politicians who don’t leave on their own terms do really helped the healing process.”

“And Bio Oil,” laughed Gillard referring to the popular product used to heal scars.

“Et tu, Bill” she chuckled.

It’s believed the the two then started laughing about things and enjoyed the rest of the conference, only interrupted occasionally by Paul Keating who wanted to gauge their opinion on his latest zinger he’s worked up.


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