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Sam Battsman, a solid eight out of ten, has just uploaded his first Instagram photo in five years. The photo comes approximately 3 days after his rumoured breakup with a long-time girlfriend who is also a smoke-show. 

@Sam_89’s photo sees the man debuting his newly chiselled upper body at the Old Quarry Pools and was accompanied by a somewhat cryptic caption ‘not bad’. 

The upload, which has already attracted double figured likes, has sent the women in the town into an absolute frenzy – raising speculation that the stud is back on the market. 

The Advocate reporters happened to overhear a number of excited women discussing the events.

“Georgia, did you see Sam’s latest Insta?” a girl called Tamara excitedly asked. 

“You don’t put up a rig shot like that when you have a gf at home” Replied an equally excited Georgia.

It’s not yet known if he one hundred per cent is back on the market, but reports from friends close to Sam say that he is quietly stoked at how well received his photo has been.

More to come.  


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