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This evening, the Prime Minister has shared a string of anecdotes that prove he is a feminist ally after his political opponents brought that part of his past into question.

In his most recent, Scott Morrison explained that when he was just a pencil pusher at Tourism Australia, he bore witness to something he says would’ve been extremely confronting for someone without his penchant for feminism.

Mr Morrison told The Advocate that he saw a sanitary bin perched at the top of a staircase by the person tasked with swapping them over, when someone from a different office accidentally booted it down the stairs toward him.

“It hit the third or fourth step and the lid burst open and the contents over it exploded toward me like some sort of sanitary napkin claymore,” said Morrison.

“It was beautiful.”

Earlier in our reporter’s late-night phone call with the Prime Minister, he said that he was a staunch feminist ally.

“Which is why it didn’t bother me,” he said with a wry chuckle.

“I mean, it would’ve really been confronting for someone who wasn’t as mature as I am. I see worse in Parliament House every day. I see people do anything to get just a little bit more power,”

“Gala, I’ve been in politics a long time and this is just part of the job. People can attack me and run me down. I don’t mind. I’m just trying to be myself. This is me. I’m not pretending to be anything else than exactly who I am. Except which sport and team I follow, I concede that I flip flop on that like Chris Pyne trying to decide between fish or chicken!”

Morrison playfully chuckled again in a disarming but glib manner.

“I tell you what, how do you think Anthony Albanese would’ve faired if he was confronted by a flying sanitary bin spewing its contents all over him. I think he would’ve fainted and it would’ve been tragic.”

More to come.


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