The new and improved feminist ally Scott Morrison has blown away voters with his newfound respect for women.

This follows last night’s news that he had intervened in his party’s NSW pre-selection processes to protect “great women” within his ranks. The revelation was made on the ABC’s 7:30 program, where Morrison said he controversially stepped in because he is “very serious about having great women” in his team.

Continuing in his efforts to convince the nation that the only reason the NSW Liberal Party has been at court with each other for the last month is because Scott Morrison is so eager to empower females within his party, the PM has today made another bold claim.

Apparently, Scotty is of the honest opinion that the widely-panned all-female remake of the cult classic ‘Ghostbusters’ was far better than the original version.

“Yeah absolutey” said the PM today, in his most recent attempts at reinventing Scott Morrison as someone who views females as more than just child carrying vessels for breadwinning alpha males like him.

“The woman version is way better than the original. Bill Murray and all of his meathead mates just oozed toxic masculinity”

“To be honest, I could never understand what the big deal was with Ghostbusters back in the eighties. That was… until I saw the female version. I laughed from start to finish”

“My sides were hurting I laughed that much. It was so, so, so, much better”

Reviewed horribly by both film critics and fans of the franchise, the 2016 version of Ghostbusters was what many people describe as a box office flop.

The reboot had incredible potential and an all-star female cast, including Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon. However, the it did not live up to its hype, earning just $370 million worldwide at the box office all up.

According to Variety, the film’s distributor Sony Pictures lost up to $80 million (US$50 million) in their lazy attempts to correct Hollywood’s lack of strong female roles without having to write any.

But Morrison says he says a lot of parallels between the Ghostbusters remake and the Liberal Party.

“It’s exactly the same. Take every policy we have, and just make a few of the people announcing them women. That’s empowerment”


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