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A local girl has today almost lost her shit, after trying to get into her mum’s Netflix account on her new computer.

It’s alleged Jen Anderson initially thought it’d be a simple enough task, seeing as she was sure a grown woman would know the password for an account she used so often, or would at least use the same password for everything – which everyone knows we’re not supposed to do, but life is hard enough without having to remember numerous passwords.

But as she called her mum Deb that afternoon, Jen was to find out that getting into the Netflix account would be no easy feat. Despite of course, having told her mum so many times to document her damn password.

“It should DAnderson with a capital D.”

“Yeah it’s not letting me in.”

“Hmmm…try DAnderson with an exclamation mark.”




“DAnderson exclamation mark 55.”

“Nope, mum for fuck sake.”

“It’s not my fault they require fucking mumbers and doo dads! Um…try mollycoco55.”

This back and forth is said to have gone on for a further five minutes, before Jen forced her mum to click ‘forgot password’ and make another one.

More to come.


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