The Prime Minister has sensationally become a feminist ally today, after revealing that he intervened in his party’s NSW pre-selection to protect “great women” within his ranks.

That revelation was made on the ABC’s 7:30 program, where Morrison said he controversially stepped in because he is “very serious about having great women” in his ranks.

“I stood up for the women in my team. That was what the principal reason was, and people know that,” he told Leigh Sales on Tuesday night, dismissing the allegation he and his mates intervened to install captain’s picks in certain seats.

This comes after a high court challenge by his own party to test whether he and close mate Alex Hawke could overrule local Liberal party members to give pre-selection to whoever he wanted.

However, with all of these untidy pre-selection news stories swirling, the Prime Minister has moved to hose down the noise, by just claiming that he acted in the interest of the well-known sisterhood within the Liberal Party.

“I’m fighting for the girls,” Feminist Ally Scotty told a party room meeting this evening.

“I’m standing up to the Boys club and making sure women have an equal voice in this party,” said the man who has blatantly refused to do anything about the lack of female representation within his cabinet and party, defended an Attorney General who was accused of some pretty terrible things, refused to act on knowledge of a sexual assault allegation because it wasn’t politically expedient to do so, and made a raft of other gaffes and poor policy decisions that have drawn the ire of plenty of voters.

“And before I go any further, I have to say Michelle”

“I EL OH VEE EEE, LOOOOOOVEEEEE your outfit today,” he said to one of his colleagues sitting in the back of the room, who is far more qualified and polished than himself.

“Talk about a power suit! You have to tell me where you got that,” laughed Scotty.

“Anyway, lets talk after this meeting babe”

“We are so due for a catchup”

More to come.


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