One of the nation’s most high-profile feminist allies has won praise tonight, after helping a girlfriend out of an uncomfortable situation.

Prime Minister and girl boss advocate Scott Morrison has reportedly just put his most passive-aggressive dance moves on, to let a guy on the dance floor know that his friend is interested.

Occurring a short time ago, Morrison said this one guy just wouldn’t get the hint, and kept trying to dance with one of the girls who clearly wasn’t keen at all.

Sweaty and puffed after getting down to some late naughties R&B in a full suit, feminist ally Scotty told The Advocate that he’s just fulfilling his duty as a mate.

“When you are out with the girls, and creepy entitled pieces of shit start getting ideas, it’s on people like me to step in and help out,” said Morrison, sipping the last dregs of a vodka lime soda in a very faded red plastic glass.

“I don’t know where some of these guys get off,” said Morrison, laughing to the batch of girls he was out with for a little Wednesday night blowout.

“Acads used to be so bad for it.”

Screaming at our reporter as Rhianna’s Umbrella got unleashed by the DJ, Scotty then peeled back off into the dance floor to enjoy the rest of the night.

More to come.


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