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The Prime Minister received an all-mighty spray from a Quiet Australian in Newcastle yesterday which has prompted Scott Morrison to ask that particular group of people to please be a bit quieter in the lead up to the election.

Speaking to this masthead this morning, Mr Morrison said it doesn’t help anyone, especially him, when Quiet Australians come up to him and give him a piece of their mind when the cameras are rolling.

“I mean, this is why I didn’t let the media follow me around Lismore,” he said.

“It just would’ve been the same. Emotional Quiet Australians, who vote for me, coming up to me and making me look like I don’t know what I’m doing. It’s bad for the Scott Morrison brand, which is bad for the Liberal Party, it’s bad for the Coalition Government and above all else, it’s bad for Australia,”

“So that’s why I’m asking today that if you’re a Quiet Australian who sees me in public, please don’t come over and make me make a cunt of myself with the media around. It’s super embarrassing to me and hurts my chances of being elected.”

Mr Morrison then responded to our reporter’s questions about the particular incident in Newcastle yesterday where an elderly gentleman tried to talk to him.

“Well, I think he was a bit emotional,” he said.

“And we were in a pub so, read from that what you will, but I took on board what he was saying. Until he started getting emotional, then I had my security team get rid of him,”

“Quiet Australians need to understand that they need to remain quiet. It’s in the name. They need to remain quiet and vote for me because if they vote for Albo, it’s a vote for the Greens. A vote for the Greens is, well, worse than treason if you ask me.”

More to come.


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