The man that was directly responsible for building the current framework for Australia’s immigration processes, has this week revealed that Australia has too many immigrants.

This comes two years after the political party he now leads lost twenty seats in the predominantly multi-cultural working class suburbs of Sydney, Melbourne and Perth at the 2022 Federal Election.

In the lead up to this same 2022 Federal Election, the Liberal Party’s divisive and xenophobic rhetoric also lost them the vast majority of moderate Liberal supporters in Australia’s in their once safest seats.

Anyone who thought the Federal Opposition’s strategy for winning back government would be to focus on reclaiming the blue ribbon electorates they lost to Independent Teal candidates have been gravely mistaken.

Because it looks as though Peter Dutton has once again found his voice – having gone silent for a few months after his non-stop referencing of tragic mass killing events were drowned out by a spree of mass killing events.

And once again, he has not departed too far from the same brand of politics that saw him spend nearly $300M locking up that family from Biloela.

It’s not hard to see why this may be viewed as a succesful strategy amongst the Coalition’s rapidly thinning talent pool of future leaders, given the most succesful thing the party has done in opposition was derailing a referendum on Indigenous self-determination.

However, the challenge for Peter Dutton is to now prove he is more palatable to Middle Australia than Aboriginal people are. Because voting against Aboriginal people may just be a lot easier to do than to vote for Peter Dutton.

Regardless, Dutton has decided that the best way to win government is to make the promise to slash the permanent migration program, after accusing Labor of presiding over a faulty Immigration system that he spent ten years creating as both Immigration Minister and then Home Affairs Minister.

Dutton has argued this will fix the catastrophic housing crisis faster than removing the unsustainable tax abatements and loopholes that his party put in place to protect the risk-free property investments of the post-war Baby Boomers who have decides every election for 50 years, until they were outvoted by first and second generation immigrants in 2022.


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