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A couple of Betoota Grove locals have made headlines today, after revealing to the greater public that they are still caught up in this latest ‘rap beef.’

The mid-30s office workers in our town’s finance district have told The Advocate that they have been ‘obsessed’ with this beef between Drake and Kendrick Lamar.

“Bro, Kendrick has so bodied Drake,” said Sam White (36), an office bro who once dabbled with being an eshay to piss off his judge dad who sent him to Betoota’s Whooton College.

A rap beef is normally a stoush between feuding musicians, that can see songs escalate into gunfire.

Biggie vs Tupac is held up as the gold standard for rap beef, with both sides escalating things to the point of no return.

This current so-called beef kicked off a month or so ago, when Kendrick Lamar responded to one of Drake’s songs, dismissing the concept of ‘the rap game being dominated by Drake, J Cole and Kendrick.’

The diss verse then escalated into a few snarky songs back and forth, where Kendrick eventually accused Drake of being a ‘certified pedophile.’

“Bro shit got so real though,” said fellow office bro Tom Jack.

“Shots got fired,” he said in relation to the fact Drake’s security got shot from long distance.

“Drake had to move his family to France too.”

Its alleged Drake did not have to move his family to France, and the feud has just flickered out like a meme on social media.

“Nah man, Drake’s gotta come back with something man. Cause Kendrick has full ruined him aye.”

It’s unknown if Drake will come back with something, given the fact Kendrick just keeps calling him a pedophile.

More to come.


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