The Australian Prime Minister has been forced to ride solo this week, after having one of his bros cancel on him last minute.

Prepped for a massive midweek sesh ahead of the stringletfest that is the G7 summit in Japan this weekend, Anthony Albanese was forced to push himself without a spotter.

“Farkkkkkk bro,” said a frustrated Albanese this afternoon after US President Joe Biden bailed on the Quad summit at his local powerlifting gym.

Long planned out, the Quad summit was supposed to a meeting for the Australian, Japanese, Indian and US leaders to come together and flex their quads for their followers.

“It’s just not the same bro,” said Albanese after taking a swig from his water cooler sized bottle.

“Obvs wanted to get the tear drop out and popping for the cameras, but I also needed a spot with the bench,” said our jacked Prime Minister.

“Pretty dog of him bailing at the last minute tbh.”

Albanese then flexed for the cameras, making a point of pulling the shorts up around his crotch area to give full credit to his quads.

“Yoked aye”

“Utz utz,” he then laughed, tensing each quad intermittently.

More to come.


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