A local PR professional has begun planning out a delicious week this morning, after being inspired by a trending list of autumn desserts.

Having spent her morning clearing out her inbox and logging onto a few Zoom meetings, where she gladly just sat on mute and nodded every few minutes, media consultant Jodie Peters (31) decided she’d get up to date with the news and have a bit of a scroll.

Getting a rough gauge of what was going on from reading the nation’s digitised newspapers, Jodie took a quick squiz at The Courier Mail and the Brisbane Times, before treating herself to some of the more fun and tasty news over at Pedestrian and Broadsheet.

Spotting a link to ‘Snuggle Season: 12 Desserts You MUST Try This Autumn’, Jodie was enticed into the article thanks to a picture of a gorgeous spiced cherry and ginger tart, boasting a golden lattice crust and a whip of vanilla bean cream.

Reading through the listicle and enjoying the mouth watering images of cinnamon scrolls, baked pears and oozing self-saucing puddings, Jodie decided tonight she might have to grease some baking paper and turn the oven on.

However, after reading that the recipe for the spiced tart required ingredients like cinnamon quills, demerara sugar and a kilo of organic cherries, Jodie came to the conclusion that she could probably just rip the plastic off a frozen apple pie from Woolies, put it in the oven and be just as happy.

“A kilo of fresh cherries, who the hell can afford that for a mid-week bake?” Jodie asked The Advocate.

“Do you think the recipe still works if I just get the canned ones?”

“Nah stuff it, I’ll just chuck a Sara Lee into the oven, and maybe get a tub of vanilla ice cream.”

“But I’ll buy black label Connoisseur one, you can’t skimp on good quality ingredients you know!”


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