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A self confessed neat freak last night had the absolute shock of her life, which she says was ‘worse than the time her A1 sized NSYNC poster fell down in the middle of the night.’

Still visibly shaken from the incident, Melissa Riviera [35] told The Advocate that she’d been on the verge of having a panic attack after spying what she thought looked ‘like a pile of clothes’ sitting on the armchair in the corner of her bedroom.

“I would have been very disgusted in myself if it was”, Melissa says, “thought I was going insane.”

“I strictly remember packing my clothes in the drawers that afternoon.”

Letting out a small chuckle, Melissa goes on further to say that after her eyes settled into focus, she realised it was just a very creepy man with indiscernible features watching her sleep.

“Thank goodness! Can you imagine?”

“What would I do next, leave my dishes to soak in the sink? HA!”

More to come.


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