The nation’s former Prime Minister has today proven that he’s still got it.

After a barrage of criticism for deliberately undermining the nation’s democracy, Scott Morrison has decided to just have a laugh at himself.

With his colleagues, the media, and the general population horrified by the fact the Prime Minister thought he would make secret power grabs in a weirdly authoritarian move, Scotty has is now sitting back and seeing the funny side of his autocratic and conniving behaviour.

The everyday relatable local larrikin who grew up in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs went to an elite boys’ school and university before spending a short career before politics in the corporate world, has decided to get in on everyone giving him shit by posting a couple of funny memes.

Despite the fact everyone is not laughing with him, and only laughing at him because they are powerless to do anything about this blatant attempt at trying to grab power – Scotty is getting in on the fun and having a laugh at himself.

“If ya can’t have a laugh at yourself, then hand in your Aussie citizenship card,” explained Morrison, a man potentially attempting to follow in the footsteps of Donald Trump despite not having an ounce of the charisma or personality.

“And I’m just a larrikin who is happy to laugh about one of the most disgusting attempts at pissing on our democracy we have ever seen.”

“Everyone needs to stop taking themselves too seriously,” finished the man who secretly white-anted all of his colleagues to further his own personal agenda.

It’s unknown if there will be more memes to come, but after the appalling photoshops Morrison posted, the Betoota Advocate’s Photo Editor has voiced his concern Scotty could be after his job next.

More to come.


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